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Ardor Blog Stop and Interview w/ R.E. Hargrave

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Ardor Blog Stop and Interview w/ R.E. Hargrave


Guess what? It’s July 23 and that means my baby girl, Elena M. Reyes is taking her first step into the world of publishing with the release of her debut novella, Ardor. I had the great honor of being her preliminary editor and getting to watch her baby grow and develop in its early stages, so I’m just as excited as many of Reyes’ fan fic readers are to see the final product. I’ll be reviewing in the near future, but for today I nabbed up Reyes and invited her to my blog to launch her release. Of course, like all good mommas, I had to push her with a challenging guest post topic:  Discuss your experience with pull to publish. I know, “Groan,” but this is your chance to take the floor and tell the readers WHY they should give your story a chance, rather than one-star it off the bat simply because of its roots. What have you done to take what was once a Twilight fan fiction one shot and make it YOURS?

Visit the desk of R.E. Hargrave to read Elena’s response

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