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{Blog Stop & Giveaway} Turbulent Passion by G.L. Ross

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{Blog Stop & Giveaway} Turbulent Passion by G.L. Ross


Bold, arrogant, and gorgeous are three words which describe the playboy of International Air, Captain Lance Miller. Unbeknownst, to everyone touching Lance’s life, is the fact Lance harbors a secret, a secret which continues to affect his relationship with all women. Love and trust do not exist in Lance’s world, only lust, sex, dominance, and an occasional busty blond.

Naïve, new hire, Flight Attendant, Lisa Price recently graduated from college and is desperately searching for her destiny, a destiny which at this time does not include a man, especially a pilot. Lisa is driven to succeed in all areas of her life, but she too has a secret. A secret she must choose to be embarrassed by or to honorably embrace.

Is it possible these polar opposites will find passion and trust in each other’s arms, enabling them to relinquish control and share their secrets, or is their attraction far too turbulent to pursue?

Discover Lance & Lisa’s secrets in Book One of the Flyboy Trilogy: Turbulent Passion.

Genre Contemporary Romance

Publication Date November 20th 2013





Chapter One


Every night I see her in my dreams. Honestly, I can’t remember a single night I didn’t dream of her. Her mesmerizing emerald green eyes began haunting me in my early teens. I would wake from a wet dream, with her eyes penetrating my thoughts and desires. For years, I searched for her in malls, movie theatres, at sporting events, but to no avail. Eventually, I surrendered my hopes and dreams of finding the “green-eyed goddess” and began screwing every brick-house blond I could find.

I relentlessly tried to erase and escape the memories of the goddesses’ long blond hair, her perfect petite body with sculpted tits and perky nipples, and the way my hands fit perfectly around her tiny, tempting, curvy waist. But, damn it, I can’t forget her alluring smile as she wraps her toned legs around my waist and lowers onto my hard, pulsing dick. We fit – together – perfectly. Her green eyes turn black as our ride delves deeper and I push her toward her second scream worthy orgasm. Her creamy, sweet, ivory skin drives me wild, especially her soft, silky neck, which is completely exposed when her head drops back as she cums. My tongue traces and teases her every nook and cranny until I can no longer resist biting her gorgeous, plump bottom lip. Her eyes flash open wide in response. Hunger radiates in her eyes. We never get enough of each other. She makes me feel things I never imagined possible. I never thought I could desire one person twenty-four hours a day, but I do. Who is this green eyed goddess?

Trust me, I realize she is a fantasy, but even after twenty years, every single, testosterone filled day, I continue my search for her, in airport terminals and hotel lobbies. Hell, what would I do if I found her? Attack and grope her? Sure, I can see it now, “You don’t know me but we have hot, mind blowing sex together. We have for twenty years.” That would go over well…Not!

I need a cold shower, along with a reality check. Wonder if I have a curvy blond on tonight’s flight attendant crew? Someone to bury myself in while I close my eyes and imagine those gorgeous, green eyes glazing over as I palm her firm, full breast, while rubbing my thumb over her erect nipple. Damn! I am obsessed!



Maybe I’ll go to graduate school. I could become a psychologist; all my friends think I am their twenty-four hour on-call shrink anyway.

Maryanne rang me at two thirty this morning. Woke me up to cry and complain about how Matt had broken her heart. “He is so unromantic. It is our one year anniversary and he takes me to an action flick. An action flick, can you believe that Lisa? Then he wants to go do it in the back of his car, really? I mean really?” I wait to make sure she is really finished. Maryanne asks numerous questions, but doesn’t actually want you to respond, to any of them. She merely wants to vent to the Universe.

“Maryanne, has Matt ever done anything you wanted to do the entire time you’ve been seeing him? No, he hasn’t.” This time I won’t allow her time to answer my question. Yes, I am annoyed. She woke me up to complain about Matt’s, unfortunately, normal behavior, which she chooses to put up with on a daily basis. There’s absolutely no need for her to answer the question or make excuses for him or herself.

“But, Lisa he loves me. I know he does.” Blah, blah, blah.

I bury my head under my large, fluffy pillow. “Okay, let’s say he does, just for grins sake, but does he respect you? Obviously not, so move on and find someone who deserves you and cares about your feelings. Men need to treat women with respect and love. Never settle for less, Maryanne.”

“Lisa, you are so strong. I’m not like you. I’m not that strong, plus I get lonely. I don’t know what I would do without Matt. I can’t go without someone, like you do.” Thanks for reminding me.

Frustration builds as I roll onto my back; turning my head I stare at the time on the alarm clock. “Maryanne, Maryanne,” I condescendingly mutter. “Go see Matt later today and tell him how he made you feel. Now, please, for the love of Pete, get some sleep. Good night – good morning – good whatever the hell time of day it is.”

“Night, Lisa. I love you, thanks for listening.”

I can’t help but moan while dropping the phone back on my bedside table. Why is it women allow themselves to be treated disrespectfully? I would rather be alone then be with someone like Matt.

“Anyway, back to present day and today’s mission. Graduate school in psychology might work. I could even find a part time job while going to classes or work during the day and classes at night. Of course I’d better get busy applying to universities today, it may be too late to apply and receive acceptance.” Why am I speaking out loud to myself? I really need to get a life and soon.

I locate the graduate school application site for The University of Texas at Dallas. “Let’s see, age? Twenty-three.” Yes, I took the five year plan through college. I changed degrees three times and dropped classes due to late night partying causing oversleeping of 8:00 AM classes. Why would anyone want to teach an 8:00 AM class? Ugh, painful memory.

“What?” I respond to an unexpected knock at my door, “Who could that be?” Speaking to the air, again, Lisa. You really need to stop talking to yourself.

My vibrant friend, Lucy, greets me at the door. Lucy is really short, petite, and a bundle full of energy. We met doing volunteer work last summer at the animal shelter. We weren’t much help though, because we wanted to play with all of the animals rather than clean their cages.

“Hey girl, what are you doing?”

Lucy pats me on the face and heads into my den while extending a backwards compliment, “Oh, Miss Lisa. You are so pretty, even without your make up.” That’s my Lucy. She knows I hate wearing make-up, especially when at home. I figure I’m not going anywhere to try and impress anyone, so why hassle with it. Lucy, on the other hand, always looks perfect and doesn’t know or understand the true meaning of dressing casual. If she runs to the grocery store she has full make-up and hair. She’s a flight attendant for International Air and seems to think she is always on a plane; crisp and perfect all the frickin’ time.

“Lisa, I’ve had a fabulous idea, so you need to dig out a picture of you smiling and with make-up; a color one that shows off those magnificent green eyes.”

I climb into my oversized yellow chair, tucking my legs under my tush. “Lucy, please have a seat and why do you need my picture?”

Lucy chooses to sit on the edge of my robin egg blue sofa, crossing her ankles, again so prim and proper. “You, my dear, are filling out an application to be a flight attendant, with me! Isn’t that great?”  She exuberantly declares.

“I can’t be a flight attendant. I don’t even like flying. My ears hurt and I absolutely hate heights.”

Flashing her dynamic, “hello – good-bye,” smile she attempts to convince me, “It will be fine. When you are talking to passengers your ears stay open and you never have time to look out the window, so you will have no idea how high you are.”

I attempt an explanation, “I was filling out an application for grad school when you knocked on the door. I’ve decided to get my masters in psychology. I’m going to get paid for all of my late night counseling.” That should appease her…maybe.

“That is terrific Lisa, but you can still fly.” Why did I know she would say that? “You will fly on the weekends and go to class during the week. You can even study on your overnights, it is perfect. Now get me that picture.” So much for appeasing her.


Character Interview – Lance

Turbulent Passion by G.L. Ross Interview with Captain Lance Miller

Lance it is really exciting to be with you today. I must admit you are even more handsome than I imagined.

Well, thank you. I am honored to be your guest interview.

So Lance, what makes Lisa different from the many other women who have touched your life and bed?

Let’s get personal right off the bat – okay. Lisa is unlike any woman I’ve ever met. She is strong, yet innocent. She’s warm, loving, and forgiving – thank goodness. I respect Lisa. She has high standards and morals. God comes first in her life. I’ve always been a believer, but Lisa has prioritized my life: God, family, work. When I look at Lisa I feel heat soaring through my veins. Lisa is my dream woman, my Goddess. She’s perfect and I can’t keep my hands off of her.

Lisa is one lucky woman, right ladies? You light up when you say her name. Could someone turn the air down to about 50 degrees? It’s getting hot in here. Whew…Okay, I think I’m in control. Next question, you hid the fact you own a winery. Why?

So many women throw themselves at me for my money. When women hear I own a winery they get this romanticized idea of Italy and villas. Women don’t fall in love with me, rather the lifestyle they feel I can provide.

Do you have a favorite song or group?

My favorite song is “Damn Those Eyes,” obviously because of Lisa’s gorgeous green eyes.

When you have free time what do you like to do?

Fly to Italy and hang out at the winery. I hope to take Lisa there, soon.

You don’t seem to have many guy friends in the Dallas area, why not?

I have lots of buddies from the Air Force and when I’m at work I see my pilot friends. On my days off I either what to hang out by myself or with Lisa.

Did you really think you would find your Goddess?

After about age 25, I gave up thinking my dreams were a premonition. But, in the back of my mind I never gave up hope, which is why I kept looking.

When did you realize Lisa was the woman from your dreams?

Her gorgeous curves and blond hair caught my attention, but I wasn’t positive until I gazed into those mesmerizing emerald green eyes. Once our eyes locked I knew, but I froze. I almost lost her because of freezing in my tracks. I almost fuckin’ blew it. Oh crap, edit that. I promised Lisa I would stop using the “F” word.

What three words describe Lance?

Lisa, Lisa, and Lisa. I can tell by your expression that answer will not suffice. How about skilled, athletic, and romantic? I honestly never thought I would describe myself as romantic.

What is your favorite thing about Lisa?

Her beauty, personality, laugh, legs, breasts, eyes, faith, honesty, hair…oh did you want only one? I can’t possibly choose one favorite thing when discussing Lisa.

Mexican food or Italian?

That’s tough. Living in Texas I love Tex-Mex, but having a winery in Italy I love Italian food. I make a great marinara from scratch.

Did you hear that ladies? He cooks! Beer or Wine, Lance?

Both, but not at the same time.

(He just winked at me! I may melt into a puddle) Do you worry about losing Lisa to another man?

Of course, I see the way men look at her. Who wouldn’t want her? I will continue to treat Lisa like the Goddess she is. Hopefully, she will never leave me. She will never find anyone who loves her as much as I do that’s for damn sure.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself married to Lisa, with one child and another on the way. We will share time between Texas and Italy. I see us gloriously happy and blessed. Yep, that’s how I see us. Pretty good, huh?

Yes, I would say your smile; I mean your future is incredible. I think this is a perfect place to end our interview. Thanks for your time and thoughts, Lance. It has been my absolute pleasure interviewing you.

The pleasure has been all mine.

(OMG!!! Lance just kissed my hand!!!!!! He is my favorite alpha male…ever!)


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About the Author

7411636G.L. Ross is a proud, sixth generation, native Texan. As a true Southern Belle, G.L. has always dreamt of the “happily ever after,” the prince riding in on the white horse sweeping her off her feet. She hasn’t found “Prince Charming” – yet (always an optimist) – but finds him every time she writes about her characters “happily ever after” endings.

Her motto in life is to “always find the good” in every person and situation.

Whether through laughter, prayer, or a glass of wine or vodka, G.L. finds the good in life and shares her sense of humor, love, and adventure in her stories. Take flight with Lance & Lisa in Turbulent Passion, the first book in the Flyboy Trilogy.

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