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{Blog Tour Invite} Into the Storm by Melanie Moreland (Contemporary Romance)

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{Blog Tour Invite} Into the Storm by Melanie Moreland (Contemporary Romance)

We are putting together a 2 tours for “Into The Storm” by Melanie Moreland.

The promo tour will run 11/21-11/25.

The blog tour will run 1/6-1/15.

For the blog tour, we are looking to book mostly reviews, interviews, excerpts, guest posts, etc.

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Title: Into The Storm

Author: Melanie Moreland

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: November 23rd 2013

Word Count: 125,000

For longer than he can remember, reclusive writer, Joshua Bennett has been trapped in a prison of his own

making by the memories of his past. Traumatized and isolated, he’s spent his days living a quiet, lonely

existence, his only companion his dog, Bear.

Pain and Solitude are all he knows, what he’s accepted to be his life, until one dark night, one huge storm,

and one ice patch change his course forever.

When he finds an unconscious woman at his doorstep, Joshua Bennet has no choice but to bring the

woman into his home and away from the dangerous elements that threaten to claim her life.

A stranger to herself and the man watching her, the woman has no memory, no identification, and no idea

how she got there.

Trapped by the storm and isolated from the outside world, they both learn what it means to trust and love,

slowly letting each other in and breaking down barriers.

Can they heal each other completely before the outside world threatens to shatter the fragile peace of their

newly discovered love, and tears them apart?