The House of Malfunction

Compulsive Fascinations (Compulsions #2) on sale 11/25/14! #Giveaway #MaE #CF #CompulsionsSeries

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Compulsive Fascinations (Compulsions #2) on sale 11/25/14! #Giveaway #MaE #CF #CompulsionsSeries


He owns her—Every. Single. Breath. She just doesn’t want to admit it. To him, or herself. . .

You get hurt once; you assume that’s the norm. You see others suffer; you assume that’s the norm, too.

At least, that’s what Livana once did. One rough go-around was enough for her. After that, she kept it simple, no strings attached. It was just easier that way. Even necessary.

Until she went out one night and met Calum Alexander, a man whose intensity broke through each of her defenses, leaving her vulnerable.

Afraid to fall in love, she tries to keep some of her walls up around herself, even though Calum is determined not to let her.

Faced with a man that seems intent on possessing her, Liv knows it’s a mere matter of time before she no longer has a choice.

That is…until Calum’s own insecurities come to the fore, throwing their new, fragile relationship into a tailspin.

Will the feelings between them be strong enough to keep them together, or will their issues get in the way of what they had just started to build?



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