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{Cover Reveal Invite} Mistaken Identity by TC Matson (Contemporary Romance Thriller)

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{Cover Reveal Invite} Mistaken Identity by TC Matson (Contemporary Romance Thriller)


MaE Book Tours & Promo Stars Services are putting together the Cover Reveal for “Mistaken Identity” by TC Matson.

It will take place on 10.2.14 at 12AM. Full details will be sent out along with the cover reveal packet.

To sign up for the cover reveal:


Title: Mistaken Identity (Mistaken, Book #1)

Author: TC Matson

Genre: Contemporary Romance Thriller

Expected Publication Date: November 4th 2014

SAMANTHA BECKMAN starts a new job, thanks to her bestie, JESS. It’s a dream job. An awesome start to a fresh beginning. On her second day the elevator opens up to a man that steals her breath and causes aches in areas that haven’t had attention in years. Unable to form words in time before he steps off the elevator, Samantha doesn’t catch his name and he leaves her with a gorgeous memory.

Missing the chance of knowing Mr. Eye Candy from the elevator, Samantha runs into LOGAN—a strong, handsome, and confident construction worker that piques her interest. He sweeps her off her feet showering her with emotions she’s craved until his feelings for her develop more quickly than hers. Not sharing the same feelings, Logan loses his temper and Samantha decides it’s time to get away…quickly.

Frustrated and mad at how Logan handled the situation, Samantha and Jess find their selves at a dance club, living up the single life. That is until Mr. Eye Candy shows up behind her. Sparks surge through both their bodies when they shake hands introducing each other. Heat spreads over, and through Samantha that she’s completely and utterly stunned and mesmerized by his azure blues and gorgeous looks. TANNER, collected and confident, invites Samantha for dinner and showers her with an extravagant date. Unfortunately, Samantha feels she’s out of his league…so much she tells him. But Tanner doesn’t budge and pushes for another date.

As the stars start to align for Samantha, so does an obsessed stalker that sends her letters that everyone feels are very threatening. They begin as letters, but end in a more serious note as she receives pictures of herself sleeping in her own bed.