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Destructively Alluring {Allure #1}

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Destructively Alluring {Allure #1}

Genre Erotica/ Romance/ Contemporary

Publication Date July 29th 2012


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“She was the sexiest, juiciest thing I’d ever laid eyes on, and I couldn’t have her.”

Dorian Sorenson agreed to take on his longtime family friend’s daughter, Demitra, as an intern. Except, from the moment he sees the girl, now nineteen and definitely “grown up”, he’s faced with a huge problem. The girl might be eleven years his junior but just looking at her shy sexiness has him trapped in an agonizing need that won’t even let him seek relief elsewhere.

His body wants her and no one else. And it’s going to have her, whether Dorian likes it or not.

Dorian is determined to fight this need for her, whatever the cost. What he doesn’t count on is one night, and Demitra looking unbelievably tempting on the arm of another man. The bets are off when possessiveness strikes hard within him and he realizes there is no way he can let anyone else have her.

She’s his, as much as he belongs to her, and he won’t stop until he’s claimed her. Thoroughly.