The House of Malfunction

Ignite Box Set by Elena M. Reyes

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Ignite Box Set by Elena M. Reyes


Genre Erotica/ Contemporary Romance

Publication Date October 7th 2015



received_883490855067798Teasing Hands:
The hands kneading my flesh into submission are strong, yet gentle. Rough yet tender. His talented fingers dig deep into my naked flesh applying the perfect amount of pressure, bending me to his will.
“Undress for me.”

Taunting Lips:
Her body was my greatest damnation.
I craved her and the way she came alive beneath my fingers. The way she’d let me force my will upon her tender flesh, so breakable and trusting—open to all I could teach her.
“I hate that I love you.”

Ignite (Bonus Scenes):
Camden’s First Game.
How Camden Deals With The Inevitable.
Camden’s Special Gift.