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Interview with Author Jordan Silver

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Interview with Author Jordan Silver

17560834Jordan Silver, author of Lyon’s Crew, stops by and chats with us today…and I have officially fallen in love with this woman’s blunt answers LOL

1.     Tell us about your book? What makes it hot/ different?

Which book I have ten? I can tell you the alpha males in all of them do it for me.

2. What was the hardest part about writing it?

 I kept getting wet.

 3. Tell us something candid about yourself. Something your fans don’t know yet.

 I’m a hardcore bible scholar.

4. What’s your writing ritual? Are you the type of author that sets up the mood to write, or do you just go with the flow and write whenever the inspiration hits you?

 I write anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

5. What, in your opinion, was the sexiest part of your book? Why?

 Again in all my books the sexiest part is the way the male lead loves the female lead, that unbending no holds barred love. Why? because every girl wants to be loved like that.

6. What can we expect from you in the future?

Hell if I know, but whatever it is it’s gonna be smutaculous.

7. What scares you the most about putting your work out there?

Nothing really it goes back to that bible scholar thing I mentioned earlier it’s in His hands one way or the other.

8. Alpha male or sensitive male?

 I like a nice mix, but if I have to choose give me the alpha

9. Bedroom or living room? Come on, you know what I’m talking about!

Both bent over the sink.

10. Random thought moment! Give me the first one that pops into your head after this.

What am I gonna write next?

11. What trait does your male character/ or fave male character in a novel have that you wish real life men had?

I wish all men knew real love not just lip service but that gut churning I’ll die for you kind of love.

12. Why should readers that haven’t read your work give your book a chance?

Because they’re frakking hot.

13. Any advice you’d give new or aspiring writers that are just starting out?

Write to your heart’s content, enjoy yourself while you’re doing it and never under any circumstances listen to anyone who tell you that you can’t. Writing isn’t just a talent, it’s a gift, if you were born with it it’s yours use it.

14. Sexiest actor in Hollywood. In your opinion, of course :p

Dammit I can’t choose, Hugh Jackman Wolverine lawdylawd, Tatum Channing, Money Mike baby and of course everyone’s favorite vampire, Robert Pattison. 

15. And what would you do with said actor if given the chance? Oh, come on! This is a site that specializes in hot romance. Give your would-be fans a taste of what’s in store for them LOL

Have tea, I’m married.


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84d32fc530530ad8986c6d.L._V371829075_SY470_Jordan Silver is the author of Lyon’s Crew and My Best Friend’s Daughter available on amazon and I’m also the author of more than 20 Twilight fanfics that can be found on TWCS/my blog You may find me on Facebook in Silverblossom’s Kinky Closet where I write hot tales for my Facebook group only and if you’d like you can drop by and like my author’s page Jordan Silver on Facebook.

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