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Lie to Me by Chloe Cox

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Lie to Me by Chloe Cox

18480308Lie to Me
by Chloe Cox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That’s right. This wasn’t doesn’t even get the five stars. It goes beyond that.

I mean, have you seen any of them get it before now?

*Nods* That good. Clit wrecked women. Wrecked.

And yes, I’m back.

This book…OMG, this was the perfect book to welcome me back.
Hot damn yes!

Say hello to Marcus Roma ladies. The reason this book got the first C.W. stamp.
*Forcefully drags her drooling, half-zombified ass away from Marcus*
Before I get into Marcus–oh, God, Marcus–let me touch base on the actual book. Because once I start on Marcus, I’m not gonna shut up about him.
I knew, just knew, within the first paragraph of this book, that it was going to be amazing. I honestly underestimated how amazing it was going to be, but the point is that I knew it was going to be right up there with the greats, as they say.
The way Ms. Cox wrote that first paragraph…it’s hard to describe, but with that first paragraph, Ms. Cox did one of the most difficult things in writing: she hooked me.
Point. Blank.


The way she wrote it had me instantly right there with Harlow.




Harlow is a kick-ass. Certified. From the beginning, it’s obvious that, although she’s gone through some really tough times that have marked her, she is a fighter. The girl is wracked with anxiety and the memories of all that has happened to her, but that doesn’t stop her. She has taken it upon herself to do what most people wouldn’t have the strength to do at such a young age. She is raising her little brother Dill now that their parents are gone.


Marcus Roma made a mistake five years ago. He did it for the right reason, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He decided to leave Harlow, even though she had just gone through the loss of her parents, because he figured it would be the best thing for her.


She would get the thing she wanted most in life if he left.


I’m not going to give away the main story arch, but it’s five years later now and Marcus and Harlow come face-to-face for the first time.


And, O.M.G. That moment.



Don’t tell me that just that part isn’t epic! And that’s from Harlow’s POV. Allow me to show you Marcus…


Wait. WAIT. I am not done. Not by a long shot. *Whimpers*

This book was clearly the type of book I couldn’t put down. I lived to get back to reading it, and more than that, I lived for Marcus’ POV.


This author needs to be a NY Times Bestseller after the release of this one. I called it with Remy, I’m calling it with this one.
The story is so intricate, that I’m afraid to say anything else without giving away key plot points in the book. Does Marcus get Harlow back? Does he find a way to protect her from Alex Wolf, the man that threatens to destroy Harlow if she doesn’t give in and do what he wants?
*Bits lips hard* GAH! I wanna. I wanna go into it!
I can’t. All I can tell you bitches is go. Go now. Read the damn story! It’s an awesomely crafted book that you won’t be able to put down. I swear!
As for the love scenes? *Rolls eyes and points back up at the C.W. stamp* Come on. Need I say more?



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