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My Mr. Manny by Jennifer Garcia Interview and Blog Stop

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My Mr. Manny by Jennifer Garcia Interview and Blog Stop


Mia Balducci misses her childhood days and yearns for the big, Italian family that she left behind in small town Massachusetts. At the tender age of sixteen, Mia moves with her bachelor father to Los Angeles, but no matter how many years pass, it never becomes home to her. The years spent living with her father aren’t easy, especially since she can’t stop thinking about what she once had. Her enrollment in the University of Southern California promises to bring exciting changes to her life, but Mia winds up with big problems instead. When she runs into an old friend from her old hometown of Winthrop, she gets swept up in nostalgia, and she soon loses herself in a quickly-progressing romance. When the fantasy falls apart, she is left to raise her precious little girl, Lucia, on her own. The demands of Mia’s work schedule and Lucia’s needs increase, and their lives become increasingly hectic. It is soon clear to Mia that she needs help. Luckily, her life-saving cousin saves the day and brings the mother and daughter a male nanny – their new “manny.”

After losing his high-pressure job on Wall Street, Dominic Roberts wants to follow his dreams to have a family. He’s already one fiancée down, and there are no likely prospects for another. In order to find the family he so desperately wants, he finds himself getting into the manny business. Since he is fully qualified to provide child care and is eager to leave New York City behind, his sister-in-law is able to land him a job in California working for his first client – the beautiful and intriguing Mia Balducci.

Will Lucia like the new man in her mother’s life? Will Mia? And will this new trio discover the happily ever after they all so desperately seek?

Genre Romance




1.    Tell us about your book? What makes it hot/ different?

I think what makes this book different is the role reversal of the male and female main characters. In this story, we have a male nanny and a workingwoman. Most books have Alpha males that rescue the women with their status and money while the women are not as independent. I like strong men with strong women. This woman is independent and finally meets a man that wants to care for her and take care of her, but he does not do it in the typical status/monetary way.


2. What, in your opinion, was the sexiest part of your book? Why?


It’s difficult to decide, but I’d have to say the first time they make love. Mia and Dominic lived together for a long time before they got to that point. Their first joining was very special to them and the progress in their relationship.


3. Alpha male or sensitive male?


I like both. Yes, there’s men out there that are sensitive and Alpha. My husband is one. 😉 He wears the pants in the family, although he let’s me think I do, and he is also very attentive and sensitive to my needs and wants. He’s a selfless man.


4. Bedroom or living room? Come on, you know what I’m talking about!


Well, before the kids, everywhere. J But now it’s the bedroom. :blushes:


5. What trait does your male character/ or fave male character in a novel have that you wish real life men had?


The men in books that really attract me are the ones that love their women with all they have. They are fiercely loyal and attentive. At that point all the descriptions of looks are lost on me.


6. Why should readers that haven’t read your work give your book a chance?


I love sweet romances and want to share the beautiful love of two people that deserve and need each other. If they like to get lost in beautiful scenery and a fun romance, they should read. J


7. Any advice you’d give new or aspiring writers that are just starting out?


Learn as much as you can while you practice by writing and reading a lot. Then, put yourself out there. Let others read your work, get their input. But never give up on yourself or your work, not everyone will like what you write. Focus on the positive criticism and the people that enjoy what you do.


8. Sexiest actor in Hollywood. In your opinion, of course :p


JJ Fields and Josh Duhamel are two that I find very sexy and handsome.


9. And what would you do with said actor if given the chance? Oh, come on! This is a site that specializes in hot romance. Give your would-be fans a taste of what’s in store for them LOL


In all honesty, I’m not sure. I’d love to spend time getting to know them for whom they really are and not what they are perceived. I know, boring but, really, I love appreciating their good looks, but my husband is all I need.


10. What annoys you the most about the typical heroine/ female character in a novel and how would you do it differently?


Too much of the woe-is-me type of woman. The ones that are never sure of themselves and have such low self-esteem (of course this does not apply to those that have reason from tragedies) but those that had a break-up and feel like they are worthless, sort of bother me. Not that any one way is right or wrong, just that we all have different tastes, but I’d allow a woman to learn from heartbreak, bad experiences, and unexpected things so they can be stronger and better in the end.


11. Damsel in distress, or bad-ass chick? Which do you prefer, and which one do you think you are?


I prefer the bad-ass chick. I’ve always been dubbed the bad-ass by my family and friends.


12. What novel rocked you the hardest during your life?


The Fault in Our Stars is a book that ripped out my heart, broke it, and stomped on it. It was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I loved it but it was a realistic sad story.


13. What is your favorite movie as of right now?

I have two favorite movies: Como Agua Para Chocolate and The Notebook.


About the Author

7152900Other pseudonyms: Forbes Arnone
Jennifer Garcia’s love of travel began when she traveled to the West Coast to visit her father at the age of three. Her home until she was sixteen was a small coastal town near Boston. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.
Her lifelong love for reading and writing was put aside for many years while she made her way in the world and nurtured her young family. Even though she is older, and life never seems to settle, she’s finding her way while attending college full-time in pursuit of a B.A. in English Literature. She also runs a business, and is still caring for her family. Believing she can do it all, with the help of her family, she worked on her first novel during the late hours of the night while balancing the rest of her life during the day. Her hard work paid off, as her first novel, My Mr. Manny, will be published August 2013.

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