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{Promo Tour Invite} Layers Off by Lacey Silks (Erotic Romance)

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{Promo Tour Invite} Layers Off by Lacey Silks (Erotic Romance)


We are putting together Promo Only Tour for “Layers Off” by Lacey Silks. The promo tour will run 3.31-4.2.

To sign up for the blog tour:


Layers Off

Title: Layers Off (Layers Trilogy #3)

Author: Lacey Silks

Genre: Erotic Romance

Expected Publication Date: March 31st 2014

She’s gone through hell and back.

He’s kept a secret that could send her there again.

And they’re trying to find their way to each other.

Rescued by the man she loves, Kendra Knight struggles to recover from a month-long captivity. Memories of her imprisonment as a sex slave haunt her as she battles withdrawal from drug addiction and tries to put a dreadful past behind her. With the help of her new friends, Allie and Laura, Kendra begins to question who she is, as well as Julian Cross’s true intentions for her future.

Julian Cross, owner of a top investigations firm, has kept a secret since the day he met Kendra. He watched her grow from a teen to a woman and fall in love with his brother Tristan, only to be broken into pieces in the end. Now, he vows to stand by her until she’s well, so he can finally tell her the truth about her past.

Will the truth finally set her free… or back to prison?

Note: This book is the first part of a Trilogy that is designed to be read in order. It is recommended that the prequel to the series Dazzled by Silver be read before this book as well.
Warning: This title contains erotic situations, and graphic language. Intended for adult audience 18+.

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