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{Review} Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris

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{Review} Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Adam’s Apple
by Liv Morris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved the author’s writing style.

Loved the concept.

Absolutely DESPISED the main male lead.

Prepare yourselves for one of my most interesting reviews yet…

 photo 4stars_zpsb7170cec.gif

*Runs a shaking hand down her face*

O.M.G. It’s been a while since I read a book that scrambled my emotions all over the place like this one did.

Did I like the book?

*Points up to the 4 Star rating.*

 photo spoileralert_cropped_md_zps5713c057.gif

There is a reason this book made the Amazon top 100 bestsellers list. Yes, sir.

But there’s also a reason I held back from giving this book a 5 Star. And, yes, it’s a purely emotional reason.

That reason is the main male lead.

Ladies, meet Adam Kingsley, mega-asshole, low-life, P.O.S-human extraordinaire.

 photo adam_zpsf43894f5.gif

What? Shocked? Never seen me describe any character like that?

First time for everything…

That’s how serious it is. I blame the author’s writing talent. She did such a good job putting this character together and bringing him to life that I ended up despising him. Despising him.

 photo despisedefinition_zps9b865d05.png

*Taps pointer against the deep repugnance part.*

The impression Ms. Morris built with this character would haunt me until almost the end of book 2. No joke. I hated Adam’s guts and it made it difficult for me to get into the romance at times.

I won’t get into all of Adam’s faults because this review will then turn into a hate-filled rant.

But, I can’t walk away from this topic without at least giving you an example of why I feel this way.

Sensitive ones that can’t handle extreme injustices/ fuck-ups?

 photo lookaway_zpsf6d0b060.jpg

Ten years ago, Adam’s mother committed suicide. Adam spoke to her on the day and knew something was wrong. Hell, he was on his way to see her.

Than an airline attendant flirts him up and he decides to fuck her instead, going to the attendants hotel room and staying there a couple of hours.

Guess what? Motherfucker got to his mother’s house too late to save her life.

I know what some of you are thinking: honest mistake, it was his mom that made the decision to end her life, yada, yada, yada.

Yeah, well, instead of learning some kind of positive lesson in the name of his dead mom’s memory, he goes on to mistreat women (A.K.A: treat them like utter shit) for the next ten years.

You read that right—a full decade of assholery (had to make up the word just to describe what he goes on to do). And when I said he treated women like utter shit, I. Mean. This.

Mean it!


Okay, hate-filled diatribe now over. Let’s move onto the parts of this story I did like and love.

Part I did like?

Meet the “heroine”, Katherine Delacour.

 photo katherine_zps7ab4f834.gif

”I take cocky, rich boys like you and teach them how to make love to women until they’re barely able to mutter a word. That’s really what separates the men from the boys, Mr. Kingsley. Sex as an art form versus fucking for a release.”

From the moment Katherine and Adam met, it’s obvious that Katherine is an awesome, kick-ass woman.

And I was really rooting for her, ready to watch her inflict some damage and bring Adam to his knees.

She does eventually, but not in the way I expected (or was hoping for, to be honest).

Almost everyone is against the idea of her and Adam. After all, it’s a very known fact that Mr. Kingsley is the mega-slut of Manhattan (his whoring of himself is that prolific).

Yet, aside from their first few meetings, Katherine goes easy on him and begins to open up to him before he’s even begun to truly change.
And that the main thing that got to me. The author did a stupendous job of portraying what a douche-bag this guy was, and in a matter of a few days, not only does Katherine—a psychologist—let him in, but Adam changes.

Psychological fact: People rarely change at all, and someone doing this kind of 180 is a rarely seen miracle.

Yes, there are events that can cause a person to change this quick, and Adam is going through some rough shit in this book (brought out by his asshole behavior toward women, I might add). But if his mother dying the way she did didn’t change him for the better ten years back—it actually made him more of a monster in many ways—then his change during his time spent with Katherine just didn’t make sense to me.

But, hey. Maybe that’s just me. *Shrugs*

Now onto what I did love.

The author’s writing style. Hands down.

Yes, yes, yes! (If you heard this as a pornstar-worthy moan in your head, then you aren’t far off ^_~)

I have got to give Liv Morris major kudos for the way she paints a picture. Adam might have not been likeable to me for a while, but this is absolute proof of how good of a writer she is. This woman has talent.

And now onto the part I know you are all waiting to hear about. How does Nyddi feel about the sex?

 photo tumblr_n1igsuDte11tsjyp6o1_500_zpsb1ddc289.gif

You know what? I don’t even need to talk about it.

No…I’ll show you…

Gird those clits women. This might hurt.

My moans now join her as I shove myself up into her, grinding against her hot pussy.

She cups my jaw and pulls my head away. “Look at me when you come.”

Her eyes are dark and hooded, so full of arousal. Likely no different than my own. Our grinding hasn’t ceased and I’m getting close again. Not far from the end for me, but I’m enjoying this ride with her. I don’t ever want it to stop.

My breath hitches as I feel her fingers undoing the ties of my pants. Loosening them until they’re free and hanging open. She places her hands on the area above my boxers and gives me a devilish look. One which promises to undo me. I keep eye contact with her, though; I’ve learned to follow rules tonight.

She sneaks around the elastic of my briefs, and I hold my breath praying she doesn’t stop. And she doesn’t. I feel her hands exploring further, deeper until she’s taken me fully into them and enclosed her fingers around me. I moan when she begins to move her hands up and down. It’s the sweet friction I’ve been craving.

I’ve wanted this moment with her since I met her last night. Dreamed of it even. But now that she’s finally here, in my arms, with my cock in her hands, it’s different than I imagined. Damn, it’s incredibly so much more.

”I want to touch you, too.” I need to get underneath these damn yoga pants like it’s the last thing I’ll ever do.

”Hell, I’ve already crossed so many line…” Katherine says, voice husky and breathy. It was all she needed to say.

In a frenzy, I flatten my hand and delve inside her yoga pants. They’re tight but no match for me. I push my hand down her toned stomach, my fingers glide over her bare pussy.
Damn, my favorite kind. I then slip my fingers down into her heat, cupping and possessing her entirely. I watch her eyes roll backward as I find her clit and feel her wetness.

Right now, possibly for the first time in my entire life, I
a woman. I don’t just want a fuck or quick head. Then it suddenly dawns on me and I understand what she’s been trying to tell me about sex versus fucking. I see the difference now. It’s as clear as a sunny day.

She moves against my hand, and I can’t help but smile as we stare into each other’s eyes. I’ve desired and lusted after this beautiful woman, and for now she’s all mine. I’ve never known a craving like this before.

I need to be inside her somehow and feel that connection. So I enter her with two fingers as I rub my thumb over her clit in circles. Pressing harder, she rocks and finds a rhythm. The whole time I’ve been stimulating her, she’s had her fingers wrapped around me, stroking my cock. My orgasm now only seconds away.

”Come,” I plead as my face shows my desire to bring her with me over the edge.

My one word is followed by more pressure onto her clit, and a slight curl of my fingers inside her. She holds me tighter and moves her hand faster and we both fly off into the beginnings of our release.

Everything connects inside me with the force of my orgasm. My whole body spasms with each beat of my heart. I cry out in an unfathomable ecstasy. The sound echoing around the tapestry-covered walls.

That’s wasn’t even full-blown sex. Now, it’s not Kresley Colesex (have you freaking read The Professional: Part 1 yet? Holy shit!), but it’s still fucking hot.

And it gets hotter in book 2 ^_~

All-in-all, Adam Kingsley might have driven me nuts, but this was definitely an enjoyable ride.

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