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{Review} Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

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{Review} Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

HardAsItGets Final with quoteHard As It Gets
by Laura Kaye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

I was so happy to get this one in the mail. The moment the package came and I opened it, I gave a little yelp and jumped up.

Everyone at work knows I’m not normal. S’okay.

First off, I loved Nick. I really freaking did. Not only was he sexay in every way that counts, but he also had substance. He was the right blend of alpha. He wasn’t an asshole just for the sake of being one (not to Becca, at least).

Nick is, as we all know by now, ex-special forces. He left the army under screwed up circumstances that he can’t discuss, and that have left a scar on him. He and his team were betrayed by their commander.

Then, one day, in walks his commander’s daughter, Becca Merritt, asking for his help.

Becca Merritt knows nothing of what her father had done to Nick and his team. All she knows is that her brother Charlie is missing and that he left her a note telling her to find Nick.

Nick, understandably, wants nothing to do with Becca. Well, that’s not exactly true. He wants her, from the first moment he sees her, and a part of him does feel bad for her and wants to help her. But getting involved with the daughter of the man that betrayed him isn’t exactly on his agenda. Understandably.

Eventually, though, his conscience gets the better of him, and he goes out to find Becca, needing to make sure she’s alright. She’s not. Actually, she’s in the middle of having her house broken into when Nick shows up and saves her.

This, of course, seals the deal for Nick. Now he can’t leave her alone. He has to make sure he protects her. And, in the process, he will help her find her brother.

One thing I enjoyed a lot about this story is how well developed the characters were. Not only that, but Laura spent a lot of time going into the story, showing the character mentalities and giving us glimpses into why they were the way they were.

So why the four star rating instead of the five?

Simple. The story was very hot during a lot of the parts, and Nick was just yummy, as I already stated, but the romance itself took a back seat.

The mystery, the suspense, and action were all off the charts, but they took precedence. Which was a little hard for me. One, Laura Kaye is known for hotness, hands down. Two, I was expecting a hot romance novel. I got it, but there was more action, etc., then there was romance and that left me kind of bummed.

The relationship between Nick and Becca was
. There was so much potential there to up the heat factor to unbearable, which is what Laura Kaye usually does best. But that didn’t really happen with this couple.

That’s not to say the chemistry between them wasn’t hot. I already said:

Peering up at him, her breath caught. The moment their gazes connected, his expression shifted from sympathetic concern to uncontrollable desire. His mouth fell open. His chest rose and fell against hers. His fingers burrowed into her hair.

Becca went hot all over, like the sun had hung itself in the stairwell above them.

He leaned closer, closer, his free arm bracing on the wall above her shoulder. The warm puff of his breath caressed her lips as his gaze bore into hers. She couldn’t move, couldn’t blink, couldn’t breathe.

He kissed her on a groan so needful it made her dizzy and wet. His mouth devoured hers, his big hand cupped the back of her head, his body completely surrounded and trapped hers against the bricks. It was a full-body onslaught, with every part of him engaged in the act of claiming and seducing.

Becca clutched at his coat, his shoulders, his back, his hair. Anything to bring him closer, deeper. His lips pulled and tugged, his tongue stroked and twisted. He smelled of leather and mint and tasted like sin.

The harder he came at her, the more her conscious mind let go. Her aches, the stitches, her house, even Charlie—for a few minutes, just a few precious minutes, Becca let it all go.

The surrender was euphoric. It rushed through her blood and sent her flying.

“That was so close, Becca. Too close,” he rasped, kissing her jaw, her ear, her neck, and sending her heart flying. His fingers stroked down over her breasts and found the hem of her shirt. And then those warm, calloused hands snaked up her stomach, pulled down the cups of her bra, and caressed her breasts skin to skin. He massaged her, teased her with roughened fingertips, and tormented her until she was panting.

Despite my need for more Laura Kaye romance—and come on, Laura, can you blame me? You write it hot!—this book was so worth the read. I will definitely be looking forward to the next book in the series. Good thing about it? It comes out in 2 months! *Squeals*

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