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{The Team} Promo Stars Tour Services

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{The Team} Promo Stars Tour Services

promo stars services

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We at Promo Stars may just be starting up as a promotional tour site, but we are a dedicated crew and work hard for the things we believe in.
  •      We believe in the love of reading and the want to share these unique experiences with the rest of the world
  •      We believe in the Indie Author and think you deserve the most cost effective way to promote your work and have your voice heard.
  •     We believe in quality over quantity.  If we can get your work out to a few select readers who have a PROVEN extensive network – then we have done our job.
  •     We believe in a good time.  This should never be considered an unwanted chore to either you as the Author or us as the Promoter.  We are dedicated to make this a fun and rewarding experience for all involved.
  •     We believe in partnerships and working together in order to reach your goal.  This may mean a contribution of a $10.00 Gift Card included in the Giveaway will reach more readers than a truck load of swag.

All promo packages include:

100% organization of tour
A banner – artwork/cover provided by author
Tour schedule w/links so bloggers can follow along
HTML posting to make it easier on our bloggers
Word Document with everything included in case bloggers want to use their own format.
Promotion on all our major medial social sites
Rafflecopter creation/organization (prize provided by author)